Laura Odette Phipps


Special Effects, Prosthetics, Hair and Makeup Artist based in Sussex. View some of her work in Advertisements, Film and TV


Dark Beacon Directed by Coz Greenop. Hair & Makeup Designer

The Last Laugh Directed by Paul Hendy - Prosthetic Makeup Artist

Trump & Putin For Paddy Power - Prosthetics Artist for Millennium FX

Old Spice - Tentacle sculptor and mould maker for Millennium FX

Huawei Mobile Halloween Advert - Hair, Makeup & SFX Artist 

Mcdonalds Advert for Tantrum Productions - Hair & Makeup Artist

Stanaj 'The Way I Love Her' for ISLAND Records - Hair & Makeup Artist

Emmi 'Couldn't Care Less' Music Video - Makeup Artist

Tom Prior 'looks Like Rain' FOR UNIVERSAL recordS - Hair & Makeup Artist

Emmi 'How Deep is your Love' Music Video - Hair & Makeup Artist

Archive 'Stick me in my Heart' Music Video - Hair & Makeup Artist

Run Riot 'Upon Your Enemy' Music Video - Hair, Makeup & SFX Artist

Derren Brown 'Ghost Train' for Thorpe Park - SFX creature suit crew for Millennium FX

House of Vans LondoN Halloween Event - Makeup Designer

Susan Lewis 'The Truth About You' Advert - Hair & Makeup Artist

Max Payne 'Payne and Redemption' By Fergle Gibson - Hair & Makeup Designer

Rail Delivery Group By Saatchi & Saatchi - Hair & Makeup Artist

Tick Tock Trick DIRECTED By BRONWYN EDWARDS - Hair & Makeup Designer